Here’s a man we need to hear more about: happily married for forty years, still engaged in his kids’ lives, and able to balance work with exercise, family, and community. In our interview, he shares how he and his wife overcame a marital crisis, how he learned to cultivate balance and time for reflection, and how he transformed a potential career disaster into the mentoring opportunity of a lifetime. Rob is sixty years old and lives in Colorado. He and his wife Martha have three adult sons.

Please read to the end for a summary of life lessons based on the interview, and resources for further learning and practice you can try yourself. Please leave us a comment and share this with your friends.

The warm of friendship (c) Marco Fedele via Creative Commons license

Do you handle your anger, or does it handle you? We need to skillfully deal with anger when it arises, lest it derail our better intentions and lead to hurtful words and actions to those around us. We get angry for legitimate reasons.  A plan didn’t turn out as we’d hoped.  We feel hurt by […]

A pervasive problem today seems to be that American men have little or no connection with their fathers.  The reasons may be physical or structural – absentee fathers, divorced fathers who don’t share custody – or emotional, in that the fathers were around during their kids’ childhoods, but were emotional ghosts.  But what to do […]

(c) Nicholas A. Tonelli

  Reluctant visitor on a lake Anxiety of a digital age nags – learn a new fact, do something, be productive, keep up! – but out here the way is to throw away, let go, and smile only at the shore that beckons with its sudden glimmer of lights. (J. Andrew McKee, July 2014) * […]

Holywell Bay, Cornwall (2) - (C) Thomas Tolkien

I searched for jewels of joy (J. Andrew, McKee; July, 2014) I combed my mental beach for years looking for rare shells. One day, while looking for the witch variety with dark and fiery whorls, I found another – of grooves in the pocket and designs of drumming when I was seven years old, basking in […]

In school and then while working, I always prided myself on keeping my cool.  But deep down, I probably knew the truth:  I was ridden with anxiety.  To perform, to achieve, to succeed, to out-compete others.  And it all buzzed under some fake manly façade, while underneath my thoughts popped around like ping pong balls in 1980s televised lotteries, jumping into my […]


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