initial experience with BYKI

I checked out the free flash card tool from BYKI the other day.  It’s good for memorization practice.  The speakers have good pronunciation, though I wish the cards were written in Japanese in hiragana / katakana, rather than romaji.  I just think you can’t learn Japanese by learning with romaji.  A Western beginner needs to get used to how Japanese characters look and sound.  One step that really helps is to start thinking in かな, not romaji.

Anyway, BYKI also has a “deluxe” version ($40) that seems cool, claiming to offer voice pronunciation coaching, mobile versions, etc… – I haven’t checked it out.

Using this tool reminds me of some Japanese learning pages – many of which I found through SF’s Soko Gakuen.  E.g., and this Swedish site.  Ok – I know I’ll be back soon to revise this post with a more authoritative list of cool learning sites.



  1. Heather · · Reply

    I completely agree – the same is true in Chinese. Learning “bopomofo” (the phonetic system used to teach schoolchildren how to read characters) was much more useful for me than trying to transliterate the roman characters. Unfortunately, many language classes in America seem to rely on the roman characters… adding an additional layer of difficulty to learning new sounds!


  2. Elizabeth · · Reply

    I downloaded the Swedish free version of BYKI! I think it came up as an ad on Google which probably explains why we both found it. I haven’t practiced extensively but it seems like it would help me with Swedish pronunciation a lot (which is very difficult for me so far).


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