Feel the Fear…and do it anyway (Jeffers) :: review

We all have fears in life that can make it seem challenging and even debilitating to proceed.* However, if we don’t face these fears, we will be stuck in a life of helplessness. What can we do about it? In Feel the Fear…and Do It Anyway, Susan Jeffers provides some solid answers for how to overcome your fears and find more enjoyment in life.

After discussing why it makes sense to face your fears, and how you can develop awareness of what your fears are, she spends much of the book discussing how to face your fears. There are strategies for improving what you do (e.g., escaping from negative friends, family or even significant others, if they are holding you back), and how you think about your life (e.g., taking full responsibility over your actions).

I would highly recommend this as a great intro into high-yield self-improvement strategies. Once you’ve found that the exercises and ideas in this book have helped out, I would recommend exploring authors who discuss developing inner peace and mindfulness of the mind’s pitfalls. E.g., Eckhart Tolle and Paramahansa Yogananda. Then, an even deeper dimension is unlocked…

A friend at work recommended this book to me. Next, I think I’ll explore some of the books Jeffers mentions, especially:

Have you tried the techniques in this book? What did you think? What other books would you recommend exploring?

* there’s an entirely separate point here, about life in developing countries, that I’m just starting to think more about…


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