finding meaning

yeah so last post, lots of happiness [thoughts on] and frustration [at the war] – now back, after an intense due diligence, a week spent mostly hiking, yoga meditating, now on a project in Chicago. when it gets crazy, “ramping up” as we say with a new project, then blog becomes secondary. well more like uber-quaternary. thoughts on the brain now are of: meaning, fear in society.

Read Victor Frankl‘s Man’s Search for Meaning, this booked changed how I perceive life. put a whole lot into brighter context. first, and to Inel’s point, is life really about happiness? And what is happiness? Is it something to be enjoyed in the present moment, or is it merely a labeled state that our culture breeds? I’m not sure.

Frankl states that life has meaning if it involves: creative work or achievement, love, or suffering (if unavaoidable). And inspiration flowed amply with “you can’t aim for success… it only comes when you’re working towards something great, and thus you forget about achieving success in the first place.” [ok, slight paraphrase as I’ve lent my copy of the book]

Now as my gradual read, Jiddu Krishnamurti‘s Life Ahead. Basically, he says you cannot be creative until you think freely. You cannot think freely until you are free from fear. Achieveing that is a mighty challenge when society largely forces you to live in fear – of status, wealth, violence. heavy – still processing. I dig like 90% of his ideas. Highly worth reading, even for the repetitve parts (perhaps artifact of the book being a collection of speeches, rather than a coherent single publication).


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