our mindless meat consumption is damaging the earth and ourselves

that’s my conclusion after reading this weekend’s NYT overview of the global meat market, American’s excessive meat consumption (110 grams daily, 75 being animal-derived, when approx 30g is recommended daily intake).  Perhaps obvious to some of you, though it’s news to me as I slowly carve more time daily to get smart on what’s happening outside of my life, my work, and to re-examine my previously unexamined habits and assumptions (such as what I eat!).

And thanks to Mace for an article on the Chiefs’ Tight End Tony Gonzalez going vegan (and blurbs on other top-achieving athletes).  I’ll post with more rigorous analysis once I’m back from vacation, and have digested more data on the status of food and water globally.

In the meantime I’m enjoying vacation before starting at Google, spending most of the time on memoir writing and catching up with friends, and also on learning, reading (now into Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz, and Karma Yoga and Bhakti Yoga by Swami Vivekananda), and playing music.



  1. If we all made the decision to eschew (sic) meat, what a world – transforming message this would be.

    All that land now used for raising cattle would be used for growing food, cardio-vascular diseases would become so much less, and barbarism against animals (cattle) would also diminish.

    Paul McCartney once said that if all abattoirs had glass walls, so we could all look in, we would stop eating meat immediately.


  2. Yeah, I hear you. I felt the same way after watching Fast Food Nation. And frankly LOOKING at meat products like hamburgers, sloppy joe’s, is just disgusting. IT’s time to move on!


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