GreenBiz’s “state of green business 2008” is out

Was just talking to a friend about “how to track companies’ performance in being green?”, ie, using renewable sources of energy, accounting for the costs they incur to others (such as dumping pollutants into water, which citizens pay for directly in their own health care), using energy more efficiently, generating less waste, etc…  Was reminded of the HIP scorecard (Fast Company article here), which is a quick way to look at how sustainable, profitable, and helpful to humans (eg, by making products that increase the health & wealth of consumers and employees).  I haven’t “looked under the hood” of this to see how the numbers are generated, or the criteria evaluated – has anyone?  Do you like or dislike this scorecard, and why?

GreenBiz’s new report is here, and summary news report from Renewable Energy Access here.  the main point is that “green” efforts are ceasing to be faddish, but still aren’t making enough impact.  For instance, the authors estimate that the growth of use of renewable energy sources has not been large enough yet, to stave off the need for new US coal plants to be built in the near term.

I think the idea behind reports like GreenBiz’s is awesome.  Most of our lives are directly affected by corporations — where we work, what we buy, how we travel — and yet we have little information as to what they’re doing to affect the long-term health of our globe or ourselves (eg, if you think about pollution of air and water).  For instance, only 253 companies in 2007 created reports on corporate responsibility!

I’ll hope to post my synthesis and main ideas / questions from the report soon.


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