awakening the slumbering blog

Well after 4 months of silence, it’s time to reawaken this blog. C’mon, *get *up! Looks again like my goal of weekly posts was too ambitious, so I’m going to start slower, aiming for monthly posts. In part I haven’t posted, as I spent much free time reflecting about life, jobs, etc…, after having found myself in a job where I really liked the team, but just didn’t feel a fit for the role, and found a deep intuition growing that (a) I need to be building new things, (b) I want to be excited about the social mission of the organization. So after giving my job at Google a try for 6 months, I’ve left and taking off several months to reflect, and to research and incubate an early-stage startup. It was amazing how supportive my co-workers and managers were, too, which complemented my intuitive feeling that I was doing the right thing.

I’m experimenting with the concept of building up my life so that each activity resonates with strong inner excitement, and makes sense from a perspective of what my loved ones and society need. This will likely mean I continue some ad-hoc consulting work in the biotech, medical and business strategy spaces, as I refine startup ideas and broader career plans. I’ll also resume performing on the sax, probably by end of year. I’ve never felt more confident or at ease, than with this current life direction!

I’m also going to post less “fully-baked” posts, so that I can share snippets about content I’m exploring, ideas, without necessarily having a completed perspective. I generally have erred on the side of “article”-like posts, which is fine, but sometimes it sets my “posting threshold” too high. Which then results in my procrastinating posts. So anyway, here’s to more frequent updates, and in the meantime between twitter,, etc…, you can see what I’m up to.




  1. Name: "Wouldn't you like to know" Robillard · · Reply

    I’m fairly confident you can do anything, so I’m excited to see which side of your brain this break brings you. Speaking of breaks, there’s a chance I may have two weeks off before I head up for Deadliest Catch (sometime between Sept 22nd and Oct 7th) If that’s the case I may be heading up your way for a weekend. Sounds like everything is going to plan. Oh also, download Janelle Monea. Kinda Outkast meets Lauryn Hill meets the 5th dimension. I think you’ll dig it.


  2. Dear ,

    man, thanks for your faith and encouragement!

    Yes we’re in town then – let’s finalize dates over email

    Will scope Janelle – thanks!


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