swine flu resources

Here are some links I’m keeping tabs on.  Nothing like a new epidemiology trend / pandemic threat to get me back to blogging, which otherwise I have been mightily procrastinating.  Readers — what other resources do you recommend?   I will update this post as needed.

I am starting to follow this more closely and am interested, how does the spread of this current strain (measured by factors like geographic breadth of spread, rate of spread, mortality) compare to past pandemics, and how relevant is it to compare?  I need to do some homework.  I am wondering if its time to bust out the viral particle 3M filters I had kept for a rainy day, though that seems premature and a bit paranoid until I have learned more.  Thoughts?



  1. topnaman · · Reply

    the best one of all:



  2. topnaman · · Reply

    also isn’t just having viral particle 3M filters lying around paranoid in itself? hah.


  3. hehehe thanks. yes it probably is. ah well — i can’t just trash them now!? I saw the xkcd earlier today on your GReader share — captures nicely the issue of data dump on twitter.


  4. Heather · · Reply

    From what I’ve seen, it looks like this flu is not more virulent than previous flus… so unless you break out the 3M filters every flu season, it may be overkill!


  5. A resource for tracking the swine flu that has endured since you posted this article in April is http://flutracker.rhizalabs.com It has a very different methodology for collecting data about exactly where the flu is. Be sure to zoom in on your geography so you can see exactly where near you cases have been reported.


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