meets the Getback crew

I feel fortunate to have met a vocalist with the Getback, a local Bay Area outfit, and have now joined their horn section.  I have been heavily digging their rhythmic poetry and tunes, some of which you can sample here.  I look forward to carving some funky horn lines with this group, contributing some compositions, and exploring from there.  Otherwise, I continue to work on technique with Marcel Mule exercises, refreshing my repertoire of older tunes (mostly Stevie Wonder with some Thelonious Monk and Miles Davis tossed in), and composing.

Lately I’ve been listening to music of various styles, with most repeated airplay coming from: Stevie Wonder, Yusef Lateef, and several of the Rough Guide collections of South American music.  Here’s my recently played list (including iPod scrobbles).

I hope that even with days and nights that can feel busy or stressful, that everyone is finding some time to reflect and dig into something that interests you.  Definitely leave a post or email me if you recommend any sessions or bands I should check out in the Bay Area.  I have a list of weekly SF jam sessions and am hoping to return to some soon, but my day job has been particularly busy lately, so I feel good if I can at least practice 4-5 times a week and attend weekly rehearsals.


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