gratitude for some upcoming gigs

I hope this finds you all well and enjoying time with family (if in the US and celebrating Thanksgiving).  A quick note that I am looking forward to 2 private gigs, one this Saturday at Berkeley high school with the Getback and another in mid-December at Genentech.  I will be playing tenor and soprano saxes at both.  The Getback gig will feature original tunes from the group.  The second gig will be instrumental, focusing on original tunes plus R&B, funk and pop covers.  I am working on some public gigs, but just to keep the blog alive I figured I would let you all know that I am grateful to be performing again.  In the works are some upgrades to this website and sharing full-length tracks of previous recordings.  Please let me know what else I can improve about this site.

Work at my dayjob has been unusually busy so I have not attended as many jam sessions in San Francisco as I had originally planned.  But this imbalance should sort itself out by the new year. 

Peace //



  1. Sweet! Great to hear, Andrew. I hope I can catch a performance one day. :)


  2. Thanks Saket. Definitely. Turns out with the holiday slowdown in communication I learned only last minute that our gig at the Shattuck Down Low was open to public — we had at least 100 people there, lots of fun!


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