Getback Gig next Friday Jan. 15th at Yoshi’s SF 10:30pm

Come out and listen to our Bay Area homegrown, fully organic hip hop with The Getback next Friday Jan. 15 at 10:30pm at Yoshi’s San Francisco (details here).  The focus will be hyped, naturally danceable grooves with emcees Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal both in effect.  We will play the Lounge and the event also features DJ Silk-E-Slim before us and DJ Legal Ill Alien after.  I’ll be playing tenor sax in the horn section.  $8 cover and more info here.

Separately, I’m starting to think about expanding into hybrid acoustic / electronic setups.  Any suggestions on what to explore?  I’m pondering the EWI though we already have an EWI player among us in The Getback.  In fact 2 EWI’s could lead to some wildly hip textures.  Any other ideas?  I’m also thinking about exploring more effects through wah wah pedals, echoes, distortion…


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