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8 tips for starting to meditate, and books to explore

Several friends have asked me, do I have any tips for starting to meditate? Yes! First, it might be helpful to paint more of how I got into all this. In 2006, I’d witnessed my longtime friend Jeremy’s transition into a calmer, more self-confident, happier state of being, because of his starting to practice yoga […]

BCC IT visionary panel

today I was invited (thanks Patricia!) to sit on an IT panel discussing trends and implications for community colleges, with focus on Bellevue Community College and the Seattle / PacNorthwest. I was honored to share the discussion with WA Senator Maria Cantwell, and about twelve execs and CIOs from a number of institutions, including Geospiza, […]

our mindless meat consumption is damaging the earth and ourselves

that’s my conclusion after reading this weekend’s NYT overview of the global meat market, American’s excessive meat consumption (110 grams daily, 75 being animal-derived, when approx 30g is recommended daily intake).  Perhaps obvious to some of you, though it’s news to me as I slowly carve more time daily to get smart on what’s happening […]

reviewing the books I read in 2007

So again this blog needs resurrecting – this time for many reasons – got married and we took a month honeymoon (!!!!), a high-travel project and then a private equity due diligence, then left my job at McKinsey to join Google, then the winter holidays. Somehow always finding a reason to de-prioritize this blog – […]