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exploration . review :: Kafka on the Shore (Murakami)

So I feel weird “reviewing” a work of fiction…because something just doesn’t make sense about using conscious thought to evaluate an art form. So I’ll do my best to share my impression, why I think it’s totally hip, and some things I think would be cool to explore as a result of reading this book. […]

initial experience with BYKI

I checked out the free flash card tool from BYKI the other day.  It’s good for memorization practice.  The speakers have good pronunciation, though I wish the cards were written in Japanese in hiragana / katakana, rather than romaji.  I just think you can’t learn Japanese by learning with romaji.  A Western beginner needs to […]

日本語の 言葉 tools

Recently I made an Excel tool for self-quizzing my Japanese vocab. It’s a basic spreadsheet with a list of the words I’ve been learning, plus a Quiz feature on a separate tab (click for screens). It’s extremely basic, but does what it needs to, which is help me get my Japanese incrementally back into shape. […]